The convergence of fields of electronics, computing, broadcasting, and wired as well as wireless voice and data communications has placed the field of telecommunications at the centre of contemporary development of communication technologies. The comprehensive study programme Telecommunications that was aligned with the Bologna Declaration follows this trend by incorporating a whole spectrum of contents from the field of contemporary computer communication networks, the Internet, wired and wireless telephone communication networks, digital radio and television, communication and transmission systems, contemporary communication interfaces and services, and digital signal processing.


Option Electronics

Over the past 50 years, the field of electronics has developed significantly. The idea that computers, microprocessors, the Internet, and mobile phones will become ubiquitous was almost an illusion 50 years ago. A remarkable development of electronics made this illusion a reality. Today, the development of contemporary electronics enables computer capacity and power to double almost every two years. Study of electronics is intended for those students interested in designing and making electronic assemblies, devices and systems for use in the industry, consumer electronics, army, telecommunications and much more.