Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities

The development of modern communication technology with the convergence of communication networks, systems and services has in the last ten years become the key driver of the development of modern society. At the same time, the scope of possible jobs for graduates of Telecommunications study program has greatly expanded since modern telecommunications areas include:

  • computer data networks,canstockphoto3600921
  • wireless networks,
  • mobile telephony,
  • Internet, multimedia,,
  • digital radio and television,
  • communication components and systems,
  • digital signal processing,
  • supportive living environments,
  • intelligent ambients …

Graduates of the study program of Telecommunications can find jobs in companies that develop telecommunication and communication technologies. Numerous companies need for implementation of their basic activities computer and communications infrastructure and thereby also knowledge of graduates of the study program of Telecommunications. These are mainly banks, insurance companies, large retail chains, radio and broadcasting companies, government institutions, etc.

An important characteristic of modern telecommunications is also a large number of smaller enterprises, which develop their products and carry out various services in the field of communication technologies, which is possible mainly due to the high added value of their services or products. The number of such companies due to the fast development, in particular of:

  • mobile telephony,
  • broadband communications,
  • digital TV,
  • and the Internet

is growing very rapidly.

The demand for skills mastered by graduates of the study program of Telecommunications, is therefore very high at home and abroad.