Academic degree study programmes (UN)

Bologna academic degree study programme Electrical Engineering – Electronics

In the fourth semester the academic degree study programme Electrical Engineering offers three different fields of specialization. Electronics is suitable for those students who are interested in designing and making the following:

  • electronic assemblies,
  • appliances and systems for industrial use, consumer electronics, army and telecommunications;

When changing and updating the programme, suggestions of leading engineers from the industry who emphasized the need for higher flexibility and continuing conquest of new knowledge was taken into account. One of the advantages of studying electronics is that students are familiarized with the relatively wide area that expands beyond electronics to automation and telecommunications, providing students with sufficient knowledge and problem solving skills valued by employers.

The programme is focused on microcontrollers, FPGA circuits, acoustics, microelectronics and optoelectronics. The tailored programme excels due to the following changes:


  • reduced complexity of theoretical subjects,
  • increased emphasis on project work,
  • updated contents of all subjects,
  • additional subjects that address the latest developments in the field of electronics.

Graduates acquire a professional title diplomirani inženir elektrotehnike (UN). They can enter a career or continue their studies at home or abroad choosing one of the many two-year postgraduate programmes.