Study program objectives

The objectives of the study program Telecommunications are:

  • tk7to give the students comprehensive and in-depth knowledge needed to understand the basic principles of communication systems, networks and telecommunication services; the knowledge on how to use development tools; the knowledge about planning, developing and implementing complex communication systems; how to use information sources efficiently when developing the next generation high value-added communication systems and thereby contributing to greater competitiveness.
  • to give the students theoretical and practical knowledge for working in the fields of computer network management, development and configuration of data networks, voice networks and digital television; design of communication systems and services; the development of methods for digital processing of audio, image and video signals; as well as planning, running and leading projects.
  • to offer students the possibility of acquiring in-depth expertise in the chosen field of communication technologies with the option of selecting subjects of special interest, working in projects, making some courses abroad in the scope of international exchanges, taking part in extracurricular activities, being involved in research work at the institute, and having the opportunities for growth in professional and personal live.
  • to provide students the knowledge how to work independently when looking for solutions od various problems, give them top technical skills, learn them to work in the project team, teach them how to lead the project team in the scope of problem-oriented learning, how to work on project independently and participating in practical training.