Key features of the program

Key features of the program
  • tk7tiered manner of study, in which in the first year students acquire all the necessary theoretical knowledge that are in the next years upgraded with in-depth professional knowledge and skills,
  • basic knowledge is selected in a way that it covers all key areas of modern telecommunications and also allow the students to obtain adequate basic skills, irrespective of their prior knowledge,
  • by selecting various elective courses the students can profile their knowledge, thereby gaining the knowledge of top experts in different fields,
  • the extent of laboratory exercises, seminars and projects provides students with many opportunities for individual work and allows them to gain the necessary practical skills, experience of working in a team, organizing and managing the team work and to acquire the appropriate communication skills,
  • implementation of study in modern classrooms and labs, and work on the most modern equipment, which is with the help of Slovenian and foreign industry available at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications,
  • close interdependence of the study program and the research work at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, and the active involvement of students in research work during their studies,
  • very good co-operation between teachers, assistants, and students.